A man named Wang Wenqin claimed to have graduated from National Taiwan University with a doctorate in biochemistry and was a member of the United Nations WHO International Study Group. Selling 3 "TOTAL SWISS" health food, boasted to repair cells, sold since January last year, turnover of up to 3.2 billion NTD. The Taichung Department of Prosecutors found that Wang cannot prove their own school experience, these health food has never been to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department to apply for permission, he was arrested yesterday in violation of "Health Food Management Act". He and other suspects, 7 people. Bail was set to 100.000 to 800.000 NTD.

TOTAL SWISS by the Swiss Dragon Swiss International Group imported from Switzerland, through the eight-horse international company membership system sales, advertised to repair cells, regulate the immune system, strengthen the bones and so on. Taiwan absorbed more than 80,000 members. In February of this year, the person in charge Wang Wenqin (60 years old) also signed with the Taipei City University karate team a Sponsorship of 2.12 million NTD of supplies and funding.

"Superman-like energy"

Prosecutors pointed out that Wang was interviewed and cannot get documents to prove their academic background. The products sold by the delivery of more than a compound side of the food, although the internal composition of the relevant norms in the country, but without permission. On the outside in the name of health food, exaggerate the effect, and even metaphor "similar to the superhuman energy sources". Suspected of violating the "Health Food Management Law". Reporters have not contacted Wang yesterday, Executives said that the person in charge will be explained next week.

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